Malcolm Turnbull and Blogs about Dogs

Thought I’d share this just for fun. Check out: Malcolm Turnbull MP > Dog Blogs This is part of the official website for Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull, where the minister blogs, well, quite literally about his dogs! Or more like on behalf of his dogs…here’s an excerpt:

They say chocolate isn’t good for dogs and unfortunately I think our owners tend to agree. But Daisy more than made it up to us over the Easter long weekend by taking all four of us doggies (I think we may have even outnumbered the humans) on an excursion to the country.


It’s an interesting way that new media has been taken up by a politician. I guess it makes it more personalised and make him seem more personable. It’s not just about winning votes from Dog-lovers, but creating an image that goes away from the hard and crusty politician. However, some critics say it’s just a publicity stunt. Whether it’s effective or not in the long-run, I’m not sure (but he does get comments). And whether the NLP leader himself reports on the blog is even more doubtful (of course not, it’s his dogs that write it dummy!) It did, however, change my perception of the politician. Well, maybe I’m just a sucker for dogs…

What do you think about politicians blogging about their dogs?


2 responses to “Malcolm Turnbull and Blogs about Dogs

  1. I recently sprained my knee and the minute I come throught the door she is jumping up on me. Do you have any advise on how to get her to quit.

    • I’m no dog expert and this blog isn’t actually about dogs…but I recently read a autobiography called ‘Marley and Me’ by John Grogan (which was also made into a movie) and it’s about a very active and troublesome dog and the owners in that book eventually learnt to discipline their dog through what they learnt at dog school and just teaching the dog who’s the boss of the house. I think it would be best for both you and your dog if you can teach her that it’s not appropriate to jump on humans at any time, and dogs need their owners to take leadership and tell them what’s wrong and right.

      Here’s a website to get you started: But I would really recommend that you seek help from dog training proferssionals and schools in your neighbourhood rather than seeking answers on the net, as they can give you practical help and also I think it’s important to find others who can encourage you and your dog in developing a better owner-pet relationship.

      All the best!!!

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